Alamillo Bridge


Originally proposed as twin bridges with a connecting viaduct, this design was to cross the Guadalquivir River in two locations, approximately 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) apart from each other. Because of the the curves of the river, the bridges would have been situated in such a way that their tall inclined masts would have reached toward each other, forming an implied triangle that had it's apex far above the earth.

The design ultimately was built as a single bridge, along with the Cartuja Viaduct. Though it no longer had the same impact as a lone structure, the inclined mast was kept as inititally designed. The extraordinary weight of the concrete-filled steel mast, which angles away from the roadbed at 58º, is enough to support the deck without the need for counter-stay cables or support piers. This was a first in bridge design, and creat

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آموزش رايگان برنامه نويسي

سلام دوست گلم من نمیخوام مثل بقیه تبلیغ کنم ولی اگر دنبال آموزش،برنامه نویسی و نرم افزار های مختلف هستی من می تونم سایت سورس باران رو بهت معرفی کنم چون انواع آموزش های مختلف فارسی بصورت کتاب و همچنین تصویری وجود داره که از این آموزش ها می تونم آموزش فتوشاپ،برنامه نویسی و حتی ساختن قالب نام برد. و بخش های مختلفی که شامل سورس های برنامه نویسی، دانلود نرم افزارهای مهم و کاربردی و کمیاب نام برد با سورس باران برنامه نویسی را معنایی دوباره بخشیم. یا علی